Welcome! My name is Nick Elias, and I am a graphic artist. Below you will find information about my professional experience, style and processes. At any time, please feel free to email me, or fill out an Order inquiry form to contact me directly.

My Experience

I am a problem-solver, an explorer and a dreamer. In 2006, I earned my BFA in Graphic Design from Montana State University (MSU) and have worked as a graphic designer for American Humane Association for four years and currently for Denver Botanic Gardens. I have also worked on a contract basis for the American Stroke Association, Boston Housing Authority and Bicycle Colorado, to name a few. Over the past 13 years, alongside my work as a designer, I have been a pet portrait and abstract painter, a caricaturist for the Gardens, the Denver Zoo and the infamous Casa Bonita, a cartoonist, a muralist, and a fiber artist. I am a jack of all trades and I love exploring new and challenging disciplines as often as I can. Residing in colorful Denver, Colorado, I have fallen in love with the foothills, the mountains, the city, and the animal- and nature-loving community here. It brings me great joy to be able to bring smiles to the faces of those receiving my art and fond memories of loved ones of all species.

My Process

I collaborate with clients to find the right piece of art for them. Some like the fun, fast turnaround of a caricature, while others want to see their beloved family pet immortalized on the wall, and still others prefer a truly unique abstract piece of art. Once I discover the target type of art, the true creation begins. Photos are collected and emails or Skype conversations are exchanged, along with a downpayment and arrangements to exchange the final product. Don’t be surprised if I contact you on occasion to discuss the project, request additional materials or insight or just to keep you updated on my progress. I understand that your time and money are very valuable to you, just as mine are to me, so I do try to keep all projects continuously moving and under deadline. A few specific items of clarification: Pet Portraits – Referencing photos you provide, I create a custom, personalized portrait of your cherished pet (or pets). Using acrylic paint on gallery-style stretched canvas, I like to think of my paintings as colorful, playful ‘pet-icatures’ of your treasured friend. I try to capture the personality and character of every subject I meet, rather than their exact likeness. Caricatures – Even moreso than my pet portraits, my caricatures aim to take a snapshot of the subject, embelished for the sole purpose of light-hearted entertainment. We all have our distinguishing features (e.g. my monstrous eyebrows), and caricatures are a wonderful way to celebrate the uniqueness in each of us.

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